40 Ways to Shake up your Prayer Life

A great list of ways to improve your prayer life.


prayer lifeDo you ever catch yourself in a prayer rut? You say the same prayer intentions over and over again. Needless to say we have all been there, but we have compiled a list of 40 ways to shake up your prayer life.

  1. Adoration
  2. Journaling
  3. Praise and Worship
  4. Spiritual Reading- God speaks through books too!
  5. Divine Mercy Chaplet
  6. Praying with Saints
  7. Exercise- offer up your physical pain for those who are in constant pain
  8. Silence
  9. Abstain from something you like
  10. Be in nature
  11. Draw out your prayer intentions
  12. Establish a prayer partner
  13. People watch- for each person that walks past think of a prayer intention for them
  14. Listen to Relevant Radio- this station has excellent and thought provoking conversations
  15. Meditation- yes, Christians can do this too!
  16. Create a “Prayer Environment”
  17. Pray while you do chores
  18. Create art as you pray
  19. Prayer Cards- they actually have some good prayers on the back

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