Woman Saint of the Week: St. Maria Goretti

A while back I wrote a reflection about St. Maria Goretti noting her courage in offering forgiveness. As I was researching her, I came across a picture on deviantART that I have had a hard time getting out of my head.

St. Maria Goretti by deviantART user kolaboy

I know deviantART is known for some sick and twisted stuff, but I’ve found some cool religious art on that site. Just like everything in life, one needs to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Take this for example: This artist really likes St. Maria and his painting has done a great service in introducing her to a number of people. People who wouldn’t think twice about reading about a Catholic saint have come across his painting and looked her up. They read her story and was inspired by it. That is what I call, “unintentional evangelization.”

In the painting, St. Maria is obviously full of light. Her pale skin appears translucent. A light shines just behind her head in a halo. Light shines out of her several stab wounds. Light is a very powerful symbol. In this case, the light illustrates how completely filled she is with God. God’s love fills her so much that it is pouring out of her wounds.

She shows that love in her willingness to forgive. She shows it in ultimately leading her attacker to Christ. How are we feeling God’s love today? How are we showing others His love? These are just some thoughts to ponder when looking at this painting.

To learn more about the painting and the artist, visit here.

This post was originally written for YOUCATholic.com. You can see the original here. I recommend YOUCATholic.com for anyone who works with catechizing teenagers. 


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