A Reflection on the Woman’s Body from Dorothy Day

life-and-age-of-woman A woman contemplates her body, “that earthen vessel,” that temple of the Holy Ghost, and young or old, it is always holy. Young, it is as fresh and fragrant as flowers. Old, it is worn and stale; there is the smell of age and corruption about it. But this aging flesh, I love it. I treat it tenderly, but also I rejoice that it has been well used. Had my vocation been that of a wife and mother I would have given myself to my husband and children, and then my flesh, well used, would droop and my breasts sag but my eyes and lips would rejoice and love and laugh with happiness. Or, if I had remained a single woman, a virgin, would I have willingly cast myself into the arms of God or have longed for earthly love, and then have it pass me by? But God has chosen me and “blessed are those who have not seen but believed” in this love, this terrible overwhelming cruelly demanding love of the living God. All is Grace, pages 71-72, a compilation of Dorothy Day’s writings, edited by William D. Miller, highlights are mine


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