#ThePillKills: The Legacy of Griswold v. Connecticut

This past Saturday was the 49th anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut. If you’ve never heard of this landmark Supreme Court decision, you are not alone. This decision deserves as much notoriety as Roe v. Wade. In fact, in many ways, that decision set the precedent that made Roe v. Wade possible.


Griswold and another Planned Parenthood employee posing with a newspaper after they won Griswold v. Connecticut

So, what was Griswold v. Connecticut?

In Connecticut in 1965, it was illegal to use any artificial contraception. Planned Parenthood dealt with this issue the same way they dealt with these things from the very beginning. When Margaret Sanger wanted to change the laws and practices surrounding birth control, she opened up her first illegal clinic in NYC. In Connecticut, PP opened up their own clinic, got shut down and the staff arrested, and worked to fight it out in the courts.

It made it all the way to the Supreme Court. The Court determined that Connecticut’s prohibition of contraception was unconstitutional on two grounds. One, under the 14th amendment, they decided that it constituted robing their citizens of liberty without due process. Two, they decided that the “right to privacy” was a reasonable extension of the rights already listed in the Constitution. This “right of privacy” was again invoked in Roe v. Wade. This decision overturned all restrictions of contraception on the state level.

 Why should I care?

This video from the Austin Institute gives a good case.

So does the below video from the American Life League (Although I think the last two or three minutes are a bit of a stretch. Using the pill leads to violent death? Come on, there are better, more concrete arguments than that! Why don’t we just cut out those last 2 or 3 minutes altogether and forget they ever happened?)

For even more information, visit thepillkills.org.

It has been commented on before: the “contraceptive mentality” which separates sex from reproduction leads to a number of social evils. This mentality didn’t come from the pill, the pill is a product of the mentality and it allows the mentality to grow and thrive.

It is so ingrained that those in my generation (the millennials) take it completely for granted. If I suggest to my peers that sex is for anything other than pleasure and that it’s not just recreation, they look at me like I have a second head.

So, what can we do about it?

1) Help spread the truth about the pill and the contraceptive mentality. Thepillkills.org is a good place to start. Yes, everyone will think you’re nuts, but everyone always thinks that prophets are nuts.

2) Don’t just talk the talk. If you’re single, stay chaste. If you’re married, use NFP. Help other single people stay chaste. Help other married couples use NFP.

3) Have babies. If you’re married, have as many kids as you can responsibly handle. And take those kids out of the house. Yes, some people will make rude comments, but there is no better witness for the awesomeness of children than laughing, playing children!


Kid President is pretty awesome.


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