Why I Filmed My Abortion? A Response: Part 4

For part one of the response and the video, go here. For part two, go here. For part 3, go here. If you were looking for part 4, you are in the right place. 

My whole response is in regards to this quote from the end of the video:

“I don’t feel like a bad person. I don’t feel sad. I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life. I knew that what I was going to do is right. It was right for me and no one else. I just want to share my story.”

Here, I will discuss the last line.

“I just want to share my story.”

Stories. There are several bloggers who now question whether her story is even true. I understand their concerns, but I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. Who would fake that? Much less, who would fake that and then admit to being a former actress?

Telling our life stories is oftentimes what keeps us all sane. We need the catharsis of giving voice to our experience and being heard.


This is something that Emily Letts has learned if she didn’t already know. Women who have experienced abortions have reached out to her to share their stories. If any good comes from this, it will be women coming to healing.

Every person’s experience is different. Two people can live through the same thing and have very different responses. Take for example, cesarean sections: I used to attend a support group for women who were traumatized by their experiences. On the other hand, I’ve met women who were flippant about it or even grateful for the technology because otherwise they would’ve died.

This is an important concept to bring to the abortion debate. Feelings have practically nothing to do with whether or not an action is moral.

But some women will grieve. They need love and support.

Some women will never grieve. It is unhelpful to try to shame them. In fact, in today’s political climate, you’ll just look like a heartless jerk for doing so.


I am not calling the awesome Mother Angelica a heartless jerk. I just couldn’t keep this pic to myself.

If you are grieving after an abortion, here are some organizations that can help. There are many more out there, you just need to look.:

Rachel’s Vineyard

Project Rachel

Silent No More

National Memorial for the Unborn


National Helpline for Abortion Recovery

Ramah International

If you are not grieving, but simply want to share your story:

1 in 3 Campaign

45 Million Voices


My Abortion, My Life

Personally, I think that ending the silence surrounding abortion will take this debate out of the realm of philosophy and directly into the nitty-gritty reality of women’s lives. I believe this will help, if not end the scourge of abortion altogether, it will end its many and varied causes.

God bless


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