7 Quick Takes: New Feminism Edition

So, life has been busy lately. Where to begin?

— 1 —

In a little over two weeks, the Blessed Pope John Paul II will be canonized. Here at the JPII Center for Women, we are excited! One of John Paul II’s most important contributions to the Church and society at large is his Theology of the Body. His writings and speeches about the dignity of the human person have been instrumental in helping countless lay people to understand why the Church teaches what it does.


— 2 —

An important part of John Paul II Center for Women is our Gianna Health Care Centers. They are a place for women to get pro-life OBGYN care. We are still working on opening a center in Syracuse, NY. We have been in communication with groups who are seeking to open centers all over the country! It’s really exciting!

[Correction: The Gianna Center in Syracuse does not currently do OB care. For more information about the Syracuse location, visit the doctor’s site here. An official site for it will be made soon.]

Fertility is not a disease that needs to be regulated with pills and devices, it is a gift to be cherished and respected. I think men (yesmen) invented birth control and abortions just because they’re jealous.


— 3 —

Over 50 women gathered on Monday to hear Anne Costa talk about the genius who is Edith Stein. I got a copy of her book and I will write a review as soon as I’m done. Look in the menu above under Nerdy Stuff -> Books to find quotes from Edith Stein.

St. Edith Stein, icon

— 4 —

Speaking of books, I went on an interesting research tangent today. Thinking about birth control made me think about Margaret Sanger. Thinking about Margaret Sanger made me think about all of the horrible things I’ve heard about her and I wonder how pro-choice people defend her. I looked her up and what I found was interesting. Like all historical figures, she was neither the satan-incarnate that some pro-lifers think she is nor was she the saint some pro-choicers think she is. She was a card-carrying eugenicist, who condemned Hitler. (She was a proponent of “negative eugenics,” meaning basically sterilizing anyone she deemed unfit, not killing them outright.) She dedicated her whole life to promoting birth control, but condemned abortion. As much as we wish to, you cannot depict anyone with simple brush strokes.

Only one problem...well, really two: 1) When a child is conceived, it's not just the woman's body anymore and 2) the woman doesn't need to control her fertility in order to be equal. A woman does not need to become a man in order to be equal.

Only one problem…well, really two: 1) When a child is conceived, it’s not just the woman’s body anymore and 2) the woman doesn’t need to control her fertility in order to be equal. A woman does not need to become a man in order to be equal.

— 5 —

Then, it dawns on me, that she was a contemporary of Dorothy Day and for a significant period of time, they lived in the same part of New York City. They were both socialists. They were both part of the Greenwich Village bohemian crowd. They were both trained as nurses. I wondered if they had ever crossed paths. Yes, they did! We have proof of at least two instances. Once when Sanger was released from prison, Day was the only journalist who was able to interview her when she got home. Later (and this was before Day became a Catholic) Day wrote to Sanger asking for a job. Now, it needs to be noted that Dorothy Day condemned Margaret Sanger directly in some of her writings later on in life.

Dorothy Day

I love Dorothy Day!

— 6 —

It fascinates me how two people can come from so similar roots with such different results. Yes, Dorothy Day discovered Jesus Christ and that probably does explain a lot of it, but I still want to look at all of this deeper. Maybe even write a book. Would you read it?


— 7 —

I am a pro-life feminist. I have some personal reasons why. I’ve always been a feminist. I’ve always thought women and our reproductive powers were pretty stinking cool. I’ve always been pro-life. I’ve been anti-abortion since I’ve been old enough to have an opinion on the issue (Long before I became a Christian, by the way). For me, it’s always been a seamless garment. I’m against abortion, war, death penalty, euthanasia, and anything that discriminates against the disadvantaged. It’s only been in recent years that these two views of mine have come together and come alive in dedicated activism. Women don’t need to “earn” their equality off the blood of our children. We’re already freaking awesome, we just need our awesomeness to be recognized and respected.


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