Right now, Women Speak for Themselves have a great idea.

Earlier this week, the president of Planned Parenthood tweeted a video

As you can see, she lists all of the things she thinks women need for Valentine’s Day, including birth control and “safe and legal abortion.”

Women Speak for Themselves is an organization for women who are tired of people like Cecile Richards claiming to speak for all women. They stared back in 2012 when issues surrounding Obamacare and the HHS Mandate really started heating up. Their main push is an open letter to President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary for Health and Human Services stating that:

Those currently invoking “women’s health” in an attempt to shout down anyone who disagrees with forcing religious institutions or individuals to violate deeply held beliefs are more than a little mistaken, and more than a little dishonest. Even setting aside their simplistic equation of “costless” birth control with “equality,” note that they have never responded to the large body of scholarly research indicating that many forms of contraception have serious side effects, or that some forms act at some times to destroy embryos, or that government contraceptive programs inevitably change the sex, dating and marriage markets in ways that lead to more empty sex, more non-marital births and more abortions. It is women who suffer disproportionately when these things happen. 

You can sign the letter and get involved here.

Their newest idea, however, is for pro-life women all over the internet to take pictures of themselves holding signs saying what women really need.

This is a sample taken from their Facebook page.

They ask that we post our pictures on their Facebook page or e-mail it to Helen@chiaroscuroInstitute.org. Please share it on your own website, Facebook page, or blog. Tweet it and please use their handle @womenspeak2012. 

Here are mine:

Attempt #1
Attempt #2
Attempt #3
Attempt #4 (The one I think I’m going to post on Facebook and Twitter)

Tell me which attempt you think I should use.


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